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General Construction

The typical form of general construction services are those in which Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. contracts to construct a facility for an owner who has already obtained a complete set of construction documents (also called plans & specifications). An architectural or engineering firm who is already working directly for the owner typically prepares these documents.

Under this arrangement, Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. is responsible only for construction and is bound by contract to provide exactly what is called for in the construction documents. Changes in the scope of work are dealt with through change orders, which are amendments to the original contract. A construction only contract does not allow the contractor to participate during the design phase.


Construction Management

Another alternative project delivery is construction management. A construction manager is hired on a negotiated fee basis. Under construction management, Frye Builders accepts responsibility for managing the design process, securing bids and contracting the various construction trades, complying with building codes and government regulations, scheduling of crews and material, and acting as a liaison between the project and the owner.



There are many reasons why Design/Build is the preferred project delivery method in today's market. First and foremost, there is a single source of responsibility between the Owner and the Design/Builder. This eliminates the adverse relationships between the contractor and design team so the owner only has one contractual relationship. Second, the time frame to complete a project is compressed since design and construction activities are concurrent. Third, project costs are identified at an early stage and budgetary concerns can be addressed in the preliminary design. Fourth, Design/Build inherently provides higher quality since the singular responsibility serves as a motivator for proper project performance.

Frye Builders philosophy on Design/Build is to outsource design services to architects and engineers. This allows the selection of designers who are specialists in the type of project to be built. Subcontractor procurement is a more selective process and is not based on Design-Bid- Build method of using the low bid price submitted by a firm with little knowledge of the project. Instead qualified firms, who are involved in the design process and understand the cost, timing, and quality requirements of the project, are part of the team.


Many clients are looking for a total development solution to their building and space needs. Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. has the expertise, resources, and capabilities to provide total turn-key solutions for real estate development issues. We can provide assistance in site selection, feasibility studies, design, and a variety of construction consulting services.

Under a Built to Suit/Lease Back arrangement, clients can re-direct capital expenditures into the operation of their business. The result is a long term lease with reasonable monthly rates.