Starting a project with the right team, plans and expertise can ensure a successful and enjoyable build. Our pre-construction services take advantage of specialized technology, expertise in estimation and strong relationships with various engineers and architects.

Design Assistance

Should the owner work directly with an architect or engineer to produce design, Frye Builders can assist by providing:

• Scope of design style, materials and methods

• Cost analysis

• Constructability reviews

• Budget estimates

Constructability Review & Scheduling

Frye Builders can prevent costly obstacles before they occur by reviewing the constructability of design. Constructability reviews will include ease of construction based on completeness of design documentation and integration of construction knowledge to improve cost-effectiveness. Along with this effort, Frye Builders will consider the appropriate timelines for the project’s construction and provide a detailed breakdown of each step and its time requirements.

Conceptual Design Estimation

In order to produce an accurate budget for anticipated projects, Frye Builders utilizes current estimation and project management technology, including SureTrak, Microsoft Project, PlanSwift and ICE Estimating Software.

Value Engineering

Consideration of materials, technology and construction method can create savings and prevent later delays. Not only can this effort save dollars, it may even improve the overall aesthetics and design of a project.