General Contracting

Commonly, general construction services involves Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. contracting to construct a facility for an owner who has already obtained a complete set of construction documents (also called plans & specifications). In this situation, an architectural of engineering firm is already working directly for the owner and has prepared these documents.

Under this arrangement, Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. is responsible only for construction and is bound by contract to provide exactly what is called for in the construction documents.

Construction Management

An alternative project delivery is construction management. A construction manager is hired on a negotiated fee basis. Under construction management, Frye Builders accepts responsibility for managing the design process, securing bids and contracting the various construction trades, complying with building codes and government regulations, scheduling of crews and material, and acting as a liaison between the project and the owner.

Self Performed Work

Frye Builders has a tradition of staffing experienced craftsman.

Advantages to working directly with our team of experts include improved safety onsite, budget efficiency, scheduling efficiency, and of course higher quality projects.

Work commonly performed by Frye Builders includes rough and finish carpentry, steel erection and concrete foundations.