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About Frye Builders

"A successful commercial building is constructed on a strong foundation of trust, communication and strategy between the builder and the owner.  Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. has been designing and constructing successful commercial buildings since 1954.  Please take a moment to read about our company's past accomplishments and what we can do to help build your company's future."

-Mike Frye, President

Mission Statement

The mission of the people of Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. is to understand the needs of our most valuable asset, the customer.  We strive to provide affordable quality construction services, on schedule, performed safely, with timely communication and a positive attitude.  Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction while providing the greatest personal satisfaction and opportunity for growth for our employees.

Team Work

Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. takes pride in our ability to successfully employ the Team Approach to construction. The team is comprised of the Owner, Contractor, Architect, and Engineer who together work to meet the needs and construct the project for the earliest possible completion. This approach makes it possible to avoid many cost and scheduling problems before final design.

Our skill and experience in the industry give us the tools we need to join the Owner and Designers in the goal of achieving a quality project at a competitive price. Design/Build allows us to produce conceptual estimates at the intermediate stages of design to help prevent costly delays and redesign expense.

Our Staff

Our staff is experienced in a wide variety of construction work and is eager to meet your demands.  Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. understands the meaning of service.  We listen to your outline of needs and together we develop a solution to meet those needs.

Our management personnel include skilled construction engineers, project managers, project superintendent and an experienced office staff ready to provide world class service. Our computerized accounting and estimating gives Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. current access to job costs and assures clients of reliable reporting. Our goal is service from beginning through completion and beyond.


Frye Builders & Associates Inc. Corporate Office located in Muscatine, Iowa